European Vacation


acking and shopping for upcoming vacations can be a major hassle before you take off. “What should I bring?” and, “What do I actually need?” are questions we all ask ourselves before any trip. Over-packing tends to be an easy trap to fall into. Today, I’m bringing you along as I pack my luggage for an upcoming European trip. I will be showing you my 3 favorite purses to choose from that are perfect to take on my European vacation, keeping you covered on any extensive vacation. These bags will help you to transition from day to night and dress up any outfit you’ve chosen. Daytime will be a breeze, allowing you to pack anything from water and snacks, electronic devices, and everything else you’ll need. Once night time hits you’ll be able to change out any unneeded items for those you may need for a night out on the town.

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Eugenia is more then a wardrobe consultant, she's an artist! She has a keen eye for how materials and patterns should fit together.

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