About Me

“Hi! I am Eugenia and I am a wardrobe stylist that loves to bring your personal style to the next level and help you stand out.”

I was born with a talent for styling ever since my early years. I grew up watching my dad cut patterns from beautiful cloth and make suits for men where I grew up in Southern Portugal. The dedication and hard work I saw my dad invest when creating beautiful pieces is the starting point from where I receive my hard work ethic. From this early experience, I developed an eye for how clothing should fit and lay on the body.

A few years later, my parents opened clothing stores in Southern Portugal. As early as eight years of age, I would assist clients. From the time a customer walked into the door to the smile on their face when they put on beautiful clothes, I was in heaven. At this young age, I was suggesting clothes for clients who walked into our business. Styling was in my blood.

My father’s clients were always surprised when an eight-year-old chose clothing styles that looked great and flattered their body shape. Not long after this experience, I started assisting my dad in purchasing merchandise, choosing cloth, and working on the display windows in the shop.

My fire for styling reignited when my friend Kerry asked me to come over to her house to choose an outfit for her. She had an upcoming symphony as a concert pianist. After undergoing taking out every piece of her wardrobe to find an outfit to wear, my only recourse was to tell my friend she had nothing to wear for her performance. Ensuing a long pause, my friend replied, “You should do this for a living, you should dress people for a living.” and explained to me that I should become a stylist.

At this point, I realized that the journey I started as a young girl styling was my purpose in my life. With an enormous spirit, but no and little resources, I searched for information, or and spoke with people who had business experience on how to run or start a business., I started my entrepreneur journey by engaging with other businesses meeting women at different networking events and slowly built a following. Over the years, I’ve developed a happy and satisfied clientele.

I’ve dressed every body shape and budget imaginable from stay-at-home moms to professional speakers, CEOs, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and politicians.

When we meet for your first consultation, you receive not only my instinct for styling and my ability to gravitate to specific colors, fits, and body shapes, but also my intuitive understanding of what body shapes are the best and fit for your best look. I’ll dress you in the precise cuts and styles of clothing that look best on your body type.

Which combinations of style, color, and cut for your specific body type and what you shouldn’t wear. I choose outfits and clothing, which I know from experience and my instinct that will work well for you as an individual.

My primary goal is to assist you to experience your true exterior potential. When we work together to enhance your style and brand outwardly, this renewal will guide you to being the best version of YOU both personally and professionally!

Giving Back to the Community

In addition to my work with clients, I’ve always donated my talents to others in need. I enjoy uplifting others who are in downtimes or require more support.

*I have presented and mentored women for RWR, Real Women Run, which is empowering women to run for public office, serve on public boards and commissions.

*I have given, in collaboration with Dillard’s department store complimentary makeovers during the Utah Valley Expo Women’s show in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

*I served for WOW, Women of Worth, in 2011, 2012, 2013. Giving makeovers to courageous women who have lost everything to escape abuse and polygamy, overcome substance abuse, and survived a debilitating illness. They are committed to helping these women as they strive to regain their hope and strength to build a life of security for themselves and their families.

Head stylist for this project


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