As a stylist, I feel it’s imperative to work closely with each of my clients to determine their objectives and develop personalized looks that reflect their individual personalities. I can immediately identify how quality materials should flow and drape to fit all shapes and sizes. The art of emphasizing the beauty of every body type is one that comes easily to me and I would love to help bring your true self out through your style.


Hire a personal wardrobe stylist?

The world revolves around those who know how to reflect their personal style and entrench their brand. Your style and brand defines YOU, personally and professionally. I provide a scope of services that executes this objective. With this professional approach I have been able to assisted individuals both in the public and private sectors with rave reviews. I have a clear and defined system that guarantees you will reflect a high level of professionalism and sophistication.



Best version of you

Affordable solutions

We create customized solutions for you, to give you the professional outlook you deserve.

Let our experts sharpen your carriage and charisma in your world.

All within your budget.



  • This woman works MAGIC in your Wardrobe! Watching her shop is like nothing you have ever seen before. You know how it takes you like 2 hours to find maybe one shirt that you kind of like...well, she blazes through the entire store in about 30 minutes with the only gems the place has, tailored to your personality, style and image. I have LOVED having her re-do my wardrobe. She can help you too...its amazing the confidence that comes when you know exactly what to pack, what to wear, and you feel amazing in every outfit!

    JM Presidential Diamond in DoTerra International
  • Eugenia, I wanted to thank you again for all your help. I continue to receive compliments and recognition for my sharp appearance. I look forward to working with you again in the near future. Did I tell you I got an increase in my pay, a perfect review, and recognized as the hardest worker in my department? ...true. And it's all thanks to you. ?? I thought it would be good info as you promote the power and importance of dressing appropriately.

    Nathan Y.
  • I hired Eugenia to evaluate my closet and clothes, thinking she would probably add a few things to help me dress better. The result greatly exceeded my expectations. Not only was I wearing clothes two sizes too big, much of my wardrobe was outdated and monotone. Eugenia taught me how to select the right clothes, fit and fabric, find them at a great price, and mix them for variety. My closet is cleaner, life is simpler, clothes are better. Well worth the investment. I am grateful.

    Dallin Chairman & president, Toledo pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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