Style With Eugenia

Style With Eugenia

Style Your Way To Success

I See the
Authentic You

Wondering if anyone sees the real you? I do. And, you, my new friend, are so much more than you think.

Together we can bring out the style to make you feel confident. Let’s develop a wardrobe that helps you attract the people, career, and life you deserve.

I’m Eugenia!

I’m a fashion, beauty, and shopping-loving professional wardrobe stylist, passionate about helping you love the way you look.

I believe in the unique beauty of every woman & the essential style of every man.



With Personal Shopping, you get personalized shopping to help you develop a wardrobe that reflects who you are & where you want to go.


If you’re looking for something truly unique, allow me to travel to you. We will create your ideal wardrobe together wherever you are located around the world!


I will help you create a style that will put you on the road to success! As your goals, dreams, and personality evolve and grow, I’ll be right there to help.

My Style Values


Fit Is Everything

You may love the design of a dress, skirt, or that epic shirt available online – but if it doesn’t fit in your lifestyle or the image you are looking to portray, it doesn’t fit in your closet. When you work with me, you’ll learn why fit is everything. It has to do with how well the garment fits your body type and how well it fits into your lifestyle.


Express Yourself

There is more to clothing than meets the eye. We use clothes to express who we are, both internally and externally. When you work with me, I’ll teach you how to share with the world the person you are and how you feel, using the clothes in your closet as your canvas. Let’s go from being observers on social media to active participants in the world.


Style Is An Investment

Clothes don’t make the woman or man. Eating Crême Brûlée doesn’t make you look fabulous. Do you know what does? A robust style sense. When you work with me, you learn how to embrace your style and go with it. When you feel good, you look good, and people will notice. Committing to a stylish wardrobe is an investment, not an expense. Let’s connect.

What our Clients
say about us

Ready To Start?

Style Your Way To Success

“Clothing is made to fit everybody BUT it doesn’t fit every BODY! ”

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to style. Every woman’s style is different and finding a look that you love can be a struggle. That’s why I have created a full-service business to help you find your ideal style. That reflects who you truly are from the inside, out.